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Welcome to UGWOFFICIAL.COM website. This is the Only Site to download the latest version of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW APK) before the Official Launch Game. UGW(Underworld Gang Wars) Is an Another Indian Battle Royal Game. Now Play World’s Best New Multiplayer Battle Royal Game on your Smartphone, and take your gaming experience to the next level. UGW Game is now Available for both Devices Android and IOS, Download UGW Apk from the official website Today.


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What Is UGW Game?

Underworld Gang Wars Game: UGW Apk is the First Indian Battle royal game. You can see many Battle Royal games on the Google Play Store. The All-new Underworld Gang Wars aka UGW app download has some new features which you never see on the internet. UGW is an Indian Battle Royal Game, You see many new things in this game like new types of maps, locations, stylish gun skins, Player skins, #kiskilega, and Dhantara Map. UGW is going to be soon popular in India and this is because of BGMI. Many players are bored while playing BGMI or I say BGMI is now less interesting for mobile gamers. So, Underworld Gang words come with better graphics and the best storyline then I am sure no one can stop this new gaming wave in India and it to be going new BGMI or PUBG Mobile.

About Underworld Gang Wars (UGW OFFICIAL APK)

Underworld Gang Wars UGW APK game was created by Bengalore-based game developer Mayhem Studios. They said that the game Underworld Gang Wars (UGW), a battle royale rooted in India, was built for Indian Online gangsters. Land at sites which is inspired by some of India’s most beautiful and popular locations like forts ghats and the Maya River. Pick up and shoot your enemies using unique weapons with an Indian style. Underworld Gang Wars is an officially authorized mobile combat survival game based on the popular type of battle royale concept. Build your strategies for your gang members and WIN the game. In UGW you can play SOLO, DUO, SQARD or you can say With your gang. Battle with other gangs in the Dhantara map and dominance in Dhantara World.

Why Underworld Gang Wars Game Is Best

Boris Image Ugw Apk – ugwofficial
Boris Image – ugwofficial
Tyagi Image Ugw Apk – ugwofficial
Tyagi Image – ugwofficial

Talking about the story and hero of this game, then it is a battle royale mobile game made in the Indian context, which has been made by Meham Studios of India. It is another matter of pride for India that good gaming companies are also coming up in India and preparing the game for India itself. The rest of the story is a game based on the battles of gangsters of the 80s and 90s in India, which will be presented with a place called Dhantara, in this game, Dhantara is the name of the map and village of this game. is the name of.

The rest of the game consists of two dreaded gangsters, Tyagi who is the boss of Bhaukaal Toli, and Boris who is the boss of the Velvet Gang. Both of them live on one side of the Maya river of Dhantara, and both want to gain their supremacy by ruling over each other i.e. the entire Dhantara. Now it remains to be seen who will rule Dhantara. So, If you want to Download UGW APK then click on the given link above and play it on your phone now.

Underworld Gang Wars Maps Dhantara

Underworld Gang Wars Map dhantara bigbigma
Underworld Gang Wars Map dhantara bigbigma

Dhantara is a new Map Of the UGW Game. You see many Indian-style names on this map. Underworld gang wars map dhantara locations names are station, coal mine, forts, apartments, ghats, slums, docks, and race course. Here you can drive your car and bike, fight with the enemy, and also hide in these areas.

How To Download UGW APK+OBB For Android

Follow All Steps Given Below To Download Android UGW Game APK+OBB Of Underworld Gang Wars.

  • Open Google, Search or Click on the given link – Play Store
  • Press on, wait for the site to open.
  • Click on the “UGW Game Android Apk Download” button that appears.
  • Wait till given file download Underworld Gang Wars Game.
  • Once Ugw Apk + OBB is downloaded, install the game.
  • Play and enjoy the game in the last.

Underworld Gang Wars Guns

ugw m4 asault rifle–ugwofficial
ugw m4 asault rifle–ugwofficial
ugw emily 303 sniper ugwofficial
ugw emily 303 sniper–ugwofficial

UGW Game has many types of small and medium size of assault rifles, snipers, pistol guns, and the very famous Hemar. UGW APK just shows an in-game weapon M4 assault rifle like Bgmi M416 and a new weapon is released BGMI Kar98 sniper rifle called EMILY 303.

Underworld Gang Wars Character

UGW game has two main characters named Tyagi and Boris. Both are different in their work and style. When you download the UGW APK game then you know more about him. I give some sort details about both.


Boris photo–ugwofficial


Leader: Velvet

Motto – Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Nadi Ke Uss Paar Velvets Ka Zor Hai!
The Velvets Show Their Signature Style & Swagger in Everything
They Do.
Are You a Velvet?


Tyagi photo–ugwofficial


Leader: Bhokal Toli

Motto – Bandook Nahi Mile, Toh Maarega Haath Se, Bach Ke Raho Bhokali Sardar Se.
The Bhokalis Will Do Anything to Protect Their Native Land.
Are You a Bhokali?

Steps To Install Underworld Gang Wars APK (UGW OFFICIAL APK)

Here below I provide full detail of Installing Underworld Gang Wars or UGW Game Download on your phone.

  1. Firstly Download the Underworld Gang Wars APK aka UGW APK download from our website =
  2. After downloading the APK file, just open it!
  3. Now, if your phone asks to enable “unknown sources”, then go to setting -> security -> unknown sources, Then, just turn on “unknown sources” to install the apk file.
  4. That’s it Now click on the “Install” button
  5. Now Your Underworld Gang Wars APK is successfully installed On your phone
  6. Done, Underworld Gang Wars APK & Enjoy the Game. Start war with your Gang.

How to Download UGW Game on PC or Laptop

  • First of all search on Google. Either click on the given link above
  • Scroll down and click on the Download UGW button.
  • Wait For Timer
  • Now Click on UGW Download.
  • Wait till the game downloads.
  • Install Underworld Gang Wars in Last and play the game.

Download UGW APK for Android

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PlatformGoogle Play Store or Apple App Store
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
UpdatedMarch 2023

FAQ: Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Battle Royale Game by Mayhem Studios

The full Form of UGW is Underworld Gang Wars aka UGW, This is India Made Android and iOS Mobile Battle Royal Game.

  1. Download the game by the given link.
  2. Now open the download app and click to install it.
  3. Wait until installation.
  4. After install. You may start playing this UGW GAME and fight with your gang.

To download this game then DOWNLOAD HERE to download this UGW Game now.

To download this iOS version of the UGW game then DOWNLOAD HERE.

When your Ping is about 250ms-400ms then I failed to connect and says “Server Dose Not Respond”. To fix this issue connect your Phone with a high-speed 5G, WIFI, or 4G internet connection.

It may happen because of a broken APK File, To Fix this issue Uninstall the existing UGW App and install it from the Google Play Store. 😃

For Underworld Gang Wars game ka UGW game official website link CHECK HERE


Underworld Gang Wars APK or Download UGW APK + OBB Game file whatever you say but This game going to be very much popular for some major reasons that I mention already. So, Many people are so excited about this game and many people try to compare this game with BGMI or other battle royal games but there was no sense in this topic because we don’t know how well the story be and how will the gameplay be. Now, what do you think about the Underworld Gang Wars APK + OBB download aka UGWAPK?

Disclaimer: is not associated with the Official UGW Game Company by any means. This is a Fan Made Third-Party Website To The Love Of This Game, Our Aims to Provide the UGW Game to every gamer In the World, who doesn’t get to install it from The Google Play Store.