Underworld Gang Wars Game – Availability, Game Size, Official Website, Release Date

After the BGMI India game, I know many of you are curious about Underworld Gang Wars. What about Underworld Gang Wars Game? Does it beat BGMI?

Let us know about the official website, links, release date, UGW game size, and more about Underworld Gang Wars Game. PUBG Mobile fans and BGMI fans alike will enjoy this game.

Underworld Gang Wars Game

What is Underworld Gang Wars Game?

Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) is a Battle Royale based in India that allows players to become gangsters and fighters. The game is similar to BGMI and PUBG Mobile, which launched before and became extremely successful in India.

Now India Mayhem Studios, based in Bangalore, builds Underworld Gang Wars. The new name of this game is Dhantara, which originates from India. It is this aspect of the game that makes it so heart-warming.


You can see many locations in Dhantara, such as Maya River, Ghats, Stations, Apartments, Docks, Coal Mines, etc. Divided by the Maya name river, this Dhantara consists of two heartlands.

Currently, Underworld Gang Wars is a new Indian Battle Royal Game, where you play with your friends and fight other guys to win. Let’s take a closer look at how UGW is sized, and what features it has.

Underworld Gang Wars Game Details

Game Name:Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)
Make Country:Made in India
Made By:Mayhem Studios
Game APK Size:Available Soon
Hashtag:#Kiskilega, #underworldgangwars
Run-in:Mobile Phones Android and iOS
System Requirements:2 GB Ram & Storage Space
Game Themes:Based On Indian Valleys & Rivers
Pre Registration:Available on the Play Store
Update:Underworld Gang Wars UGW Pre Registration
Availability:At the Play Store and iOS Store
Release Date:15, August 2022 (Almost)
Play Store Links:UGW
Official Website:underworldgangwars.com
Home Page Link:Official Website

Features In Underground Gang Wars Game

There are some heart-warming locations on the Dhantara map and Hindi words for the first time in a battle royale game. This game appeals to me because of its Indian touch. The map below shows locations like Ghats, Maya River, Slums, and more.

Customize your character
Guns With stylish skins
Better Guns Stability.
Indian Battle Royal
Leaderboard Based on world and Country Level
Some desi weapons like Hatuda
Seasonal Updates

Underworld Gang Wars Game Release Date – (UGW Release Date)

Underworld Gang Wars Game Rewards

Underworld Gang Wars was released by Mayhem Studios on 15, August 2022 (Almost). Underworld Gang Wars can now be pre-registered on the Google Play Store app or on their official website.

When the UGW Game launches on the Play Store app, pre-registered users will be the first to download it, and they will also receive some rewards for pre-registering. Pre-Registration details can be found separately in the given post.

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System Requirements For Underworld Gang Wars – (UGW)

Minimum System Requirements For – (UGW)

  • Minimum Storage Space: 2GB Free Space
  • RAM: 2GB Ram Space
  • A Stable Internet Connection of at least 4G

Maximum System Requirements For

  • Storage Space: 4GB+ Free Space For maps and extra graphic packs
  • RAM; 4 to 6 GB Ram for stable and flawless gameplay
  • Stable Internet Connection (Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G)

Underworld Gang Wars Game Size

I estimate the game will be between 2 and 3GB in size, but it also includes graphics packs for high-end devices so they can download 400MB to 800MB extra for a more realistic game experience. Underworld gang wars UGW can be played.

Underworld Gang Wars Game size


Is Underworld Gang Wars Game Indian Game?

Yes, Underworld Gang Wars Game is totally India Based android and iOS game. You can play this game In India and also all over the world.

Is Dhantara Underworld Gang Wars Map?

Yes, Dhantara is the new and latest release map of the Underworld Gang Wars game. This is a new gang war location for games in India and in the world.

What is the Underworld Gang Wars Game size?

UGW Game size is about 2GB to 3GB. Which is not high but, You have much space in your internal mobile storage

The Underworld Gang Wars Game Size, Release Dates, and Requirements are now all known to you. If you have any questions about UGW Game, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep visiting our website for UGW’s latest updates ugw official

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